WMPLOTA Activations Announced

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Activations by Store, Listed by Grid[edit]

  • Walmart Neighbort Market #4691, Montgomery, AL [EM62] WE4B & W4AQT
  • Walmart Supercenter #6622, Sacramento, CA [CM98], WL7YQ
  • Walmart #2697, Antioch, CA [CM97][, KM6NJL
  • Walmart, Troy, MI [EN82], KE8UB
  • Walmart, Parma Heights, OH [EN91], W8NVC
  • Walmart, Kalamazoo, MI [EN72], KF8DX
  • Walmart, Weedsport, NY [FN13], KD2FQP
  • Walmart, Mingo Junction, OH [FN13], N8MGW
  • Walmart, Sterling Heights, MI [EN82], WJ8R
  • Walmart, Tawas, MI [EN84], WD8RNO
  • Walmart, Washington, PA [EN90], W3TJG
  • Walmart, Sarnia, ON [EN82], VA3ZV
  • Walmart, Orrville, OH [EN90], W8FDX
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market #4757 [CN86], K5EM
  • Walmart Supercenter #5628 [CN97], K5EM
  • Zombie Bonus/Alaska Bonus Walmart #3814, Juneau, AK [CO28], AL6D
  • Near Gridline Bonus Walmart, Long Beach, CA [DM03], N6UTC
  • Walmart #601, Westminster, CA [DM13], AD7DB and N7JY
  • Walmart #5835, Cave Creek, AZ [DM43], K7TAB
  • Walmart #921, Salida CO [DM68], AD0DX, Sun Apr 29
  • Walmart #601, San Angelo, TX [DM91], AA5PK
  • Gridline Bonus Walmart #1708, Riverdale, UT [DN31/DN41], N6UA
  • Walmart #2534 Dothan, AL [EM71], KE4AL
  • Walmart, Montgomery, AL [EM62], WE4B
  • Walmart #1991, Bloomington, IN [EM69rd], WB9VPG
  • Walmart #2786, Avon, IN [EM69ts], WB9VPG & N9KDB
  • Walmart #604, Dothan, AL [EM71], KE4AL
  • Walmart #2534, Dothan, AL [EM71], KE4AL
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market #5769, Dothan, AL [EM71], KE4AL
  • Walmart, Louisville, KY [EM78], KB4FLC
  • Walmart, Little Falls, MN [EN26], KE0PBR
  • Walmart #3762, West Des Moines, IA [EN31], K0FFY, Sat Apr 28
  • Near Gridline Bonus Walmart #4256, Ames, IA [EN32], K0FFY, Sun Apr 28
  • Walmart #1540 South Haven, MI (EN62), AA8CH
  • Walmart #4682, Gordonsville, VA [FM07], K4KDR
  • Walmart, #3541, Kennett Square, PA [FM29], N3ROY
  • Walmart, Richmond Hill, ON [FN03], VE3HLS, Sun Apr 29
  • Walmart, Aurora, ON [FN04], VE3HLS, Sat Apr 28
  • Walmart, Harleysville, PA [FN20], K3RLD, Sat Apr 28, Sun Apr 29
  • Walmart #1940, Rensselaer, NY [FN32], K2MTS, Sat Apr 28
  • Walmart, Montreal-Nord, QC [FN35], VE2NCG
  • DX Activation, Walmart, Sinaloa, Mexico [DL55], XE2RV
  • DX Activation, Carrefour Supermarché, Guadeloupe [FK96], FG8OJ
  • DX Activation, Hiper Bompreço (one Walmart Brand in Brazil), São Luís/MA- Brazil [GI77] PU8MRS
  • Walmart, #5930, Anaheim, CA [DM13], K6ITR Sat Apr 28 19:44Z
  • Near Gridline Bonus Sams Club #6612, Concord, CA [CM87xx], KM6NJL
  • Near Gridline Bonus Walmart #3693, Martinez, CA [CM87wx], KM6NJL

Activation Details by Rover[edit]

Jeff WE4B / Marissa W4AQT[edit]

Jeff and Marissa activated Walmart Neighborhood Market #4691. Both stations worked two other associates. Fun and frivolity was had by all!

Ken VE3HLS[edit]

VE3HLS, satellite grid activator, unofficial Tim Hortons Coffee spokesperson, and co-captain of the ARRL featured Springtime Rove to The Great White North, has announced his WMPLOTA 2018 Activation Schedule:

Sat Apr 28[edit]

Walmart Aurora, ON [FN04], 2 hours centered around 19:00 UTC

Sun Apr 29[edit]

Walmart Richmond Hill, ON [FN03], 2 hours centered around 19:00 UTC

Details: I’ll spend an hour or two each day, centered around 19:00 UTC. These aren’t rare grids, and I don’t have all day to spend there.

Adam K0FFY[edit]

K0FFY, satellite dad, fine coffee addict, and amateur amateur, has announced the following WMPLOTA Activations:

I may add or change activations, but here is what I’m looking at so far, juggling soccer, t-ball, and toddler naptimes:

Sat Apr 28[edit]

    • Walmart West Des Moines, IA [EN31]
      • AO-91 @ 19:08 UTC
      • NO-84 @ 19:21 UTC

Sun Apr 29[edit]

    • Walmart Ames, IA [EN32]
      • AO-7 @ 17:32 UTC (CQ Europe!)
      • AO-91 @ 17:54 UTC
    • Walmart Ankeny, IA [EN31]
      • tentative SO-50 @ 18:29 UTC
    • Walmart West Des Moines, IA [EN31]
      • AO-7 @ 21:09 UTC

Ron AD0DX[edit]

Ham since 1976, first call VE3IIR. Enjoy CW and mobile contesting. Only active on satellites for a few months but having a lot of fun. Enjoy roving and travelling to rare grids. My wife is an active bird watcher, so she enjoys going to out of the way places too. Look for me on Friday April 27th at the 4 corner grid DM 68 / 69 / 78 / 79 just north of Buena Vista, CO on AO-91.

Sun Apr 29[edit]

Look for me on Sunday April 29th from Salida CO WalMart Super Center EM68 on AO-91 at 1930z. It's a 77 deg pass for me. This is gonna be fun !!

Scott K4KDR[edit]

Will be my first attempt at portable sat operation, so let's start with low expectations and go down from there. Note that 28-Apr #WMPLOTA attempt will be outside my normal grid, so if anyone can use FM07, please listen for me. Finally, will be wearing goggles and have absolutely no idea why.

APRS during event: K4KDR-9

Sat Apr 28[edit]

    • Gordonsville, VA / I-64 Zion Crossroads exit, Walmart #4682 [FM07]
      • AO-91 @ 17:36 UTC
      • SO-50 @ 18:14 UTC
      • CAS-4B @ 18:16 UTC (depends on luck w/ SO-50)
      • CAS-4B @ 19:57 UTC (maybe)
      • CAS-4B @ 21:37 UTC (maybe)
      • XW-2C @ 22:14 UTC (maybe)
      • XW-2F @ 22:28 UTC (maybe)
      • XW-2D @ 22:47 UTC (maybe)
      • CAS-4B @ 23:18 UTC (maybe)

Andrew KE8FZT[edit]

I will try plan on activating Portage Walmart Supercenter #5280 for my Inaugural WMPLOTA Activation AO-85 @ 00:04Z 4/28 [EN72] (#BlackFriday Local Time)

Michael K2MTS[edit]

Provided I can escape parenting for a few hours, I will be LIVE AND DIRECT from WAL*MART 1940 in FN32 ideally from 1600z to 1800z on 4/28, catching all FM sats along the way.

Neil WB9VPG[edit]

N9KDB and I will catch what we can from Walmart Supercenter #2786 [EM69] in Avon, IN on Saturday between 1500 and 1700ish. I should be able to try Walmart Supercenter #1991 [EM69] in Bloomington, IN on Sunday mid-day. APRS: WB9VPG-9

Gustavo PU8MRS[edit]

Hiper Bompreço (one Walmart Brand in Brazil), São Luís/MA- Brazil [GI77] PU8MRS Planned for 28apr AO7 18:10 to 18:29utc. GI77ul57