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For amateur radio satellite operators to contact as many amateur stations operating from Walmart parking lots as possible during the contest period.

All legal operating modes are permitted, but contacts must be made through an amateur radio satellite.

Date and Contest Period

First Saturday in July, on 00:00 UTC Saturday through 23:59 UTC on Saturday


The exchange must include at least the station callsigns and either the Walmart Store Number or the 4-digit maidenhead grid square(s), at the discretion of the operator.

Associates operating from multiple stores are encouraged to exchange store numbers to reduce duplicate contacts and preserve satellite bandwidth. Exchanging store numbers allows other operators to know if and when it's appropriate to work an associate again for new credit.

Entry Categories


  1. An Associate is defined as operating for activation credit from an allowable store.
  2. An Associate is encouraged to announce "Walmart" along with callsign or mention his/her Walmart Store # to identify as Associate for the benefit of other participants.
  3. Operation can occur in or near the store parking lot. (see verification rules, below)
  4. Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Market and Sam's Club stores are allowable for credit.
  5. DX stations operating from a location not having a local Walmart branded store may activate the nearest local equivalent, but must operate portable.
  6. The Associate must hold an appropriate transmitting licence.
  • Verification:
    • A picture of the activated location must be available upon request and include the operator and an identifiable portion of the store or parking lot signage.
      • If the store in the image is not clearly identifiable due to lack of signage, an identifiable Walmart branded shopping cart must be included in the picture.
      • Associate can operate as far from a store itself as the store's sign, or as far as the Associate can legally take the store carts.
      • Cart theft is strictly forbidden.
      • Dislocated/abandoned carts found "in the wild" cannot be used unless they adhere to the image requirements above (the store can be seen) and they are returned to the parking lot after use (Good Samaritan Bonus).
      • Operating shopping cart mobile is allowed, but the rest of the verification requirements still apply.
    • All verification rules apply to DX stations operating under an equivalent local brand.


  1. A Shopper is any station operating from a location other than those defined as an Associate, and contacting an Associate.
  2. The Shopper must hold an appropriate transmitting licence.
  3. The Shopper must make a QSO with the Associate, in which at least callsigns and two-way reports are exchanged. Wherever possible, the Walmart Store Number should also be obtained as part of the QSO.
  4. QSL cards or LoTW matches are not required, as the submitted Associate logs can be used to verify your QSOs.


DX is an overlay category. DX is any station operating outside of the contiguous 48 US States and bordering Canadian Provinces. DX stations may enter as either Associate or Shopper.

Packet Rats

Packet Rats is an overlay category. A Packet Rat is any station operating packet satellites. Packet Rats stations may also enter in the Associate and Shopper categories.


QSO Points

QSO points are awarded for each confirmed QSO between a shopper and an associate. An associate can be worked only once per store for credit.


  • 1 QSO point per QSO with either a Shopper or another Associate


  • 1 point per QSO with an Associate

Apocalyptic QSOs

  • Zombieland Multiplier - 2 additional QSO points each class-appropriate QSO made through the zombie sat Oscar-7 (AO-7)
  • Robot Overlords Multiplier - 3 additional QSO points for each class-appropriate QSO made through the a PacketSat (Falconsat-3, NO-84, or ISS Digipeater).

Note: Zombie chasers always roll back the Power. If the zombies hear you, they'll eat you (and you'll kill the fun for everyone).


  • Number of unique Associates Worked plus
  • Number of Walmart Stores Activated as Associate plus
  • Number of satellite passes with at least one confirmed QSO plus
  • Number of different satellites used for at least one confirmed QSO plus
  • Number of different grid squares with at least one confirmed QSO

Note: Only class-appropriate contacts count for multipliers (no multipliers for shopper-shopper contacts)

Note: Concurrent satellite passes of multiple different satellites each with one QSO count as separate multipliers

Bonus Points

  • Gridline - 40 points for any Associate operating on a gridline in a Walmart parking lot (once per day bonus)
  • BOGO - 20 points for any Shopper contacting an associate who is operating on a gridline in a Walmart parking lot (once per day bonus)
  • Near Gridline - 15 points for any Associate operating Walmart parking lot within 3 km of a gridline (once per day bonus)
  • Back to School - 25 points for any Associate or Shopper who is currently a student, or is participating alongside someone who is currently a student, in kindergarten through college. Encourage youth in ham radio! (one-time bonus)
  • Big Hop - 5 points for each QSO having more than 4,200 km distance between stations (6 digit grid squares must be provided)
  • Big Talker - 7 points for a social media post highlighting your WMPLOTA activation using the #WMPLOTA hashtag. (one-time bonus)
  • Called to the Office - 30 points for having an actual Walmart manager participate in a QSO on-air, either through planned or unplanned circumstances (one-time bonus)
  • Birthday Special - 10 points for any Associate eating a birthday cake (or other baked confection) celebrating the birthday of Walmart, verified by a social media post with picture and using the #WMPLOTA hashtag. (one-time bonus)
  • Special Envoy - 7 points for being an advocate and explaining WMPLOTA to an actual Walmart customer (one time bonus)
  • Good Samaritan - 10 points for returning a dislocated shopping cart to the nearest store (one time bonus)
  • Wall-E's World - 10 points for picking up trash on green-space near an activated store (one time bonus)
  • Alaskan Activator - 15 points for any Associate operating from Alaska (one-time bonus)
  • Alaskan Shopper - 10 points for a QSO with an Associate from Alaska (one-time bonus)
  • Northwest Passage Activator - 40 points for any Associate operating from Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut (one-time bonus)
  • Northwest Passage Shopper - 25 points for a QSO with an Associate from Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut (one-time bonus)
  • Aloha Activator - 30 points for a QSO for any Associate operating in Hawaii (one-time bonus)
  • Aloha Shopper - 25 points for a QSO with an Associate in Hawaii (one-time bonus)
  • Zombie Apocalypse - 5 points for activating a Zombie Walmart, a permanently closed Walmart store that remains vacant (one-time bonus)
  • Spelling Bee #1 - 25 points for collecting letters from entire callsigns (not including /wm) which together spell "WALMART" (one time bonus)
  • Spelling Bee #2 - 25 points for collecting letters from entire callsigns (not including /wm) which together spell "SATELLITE50" (one time bonus)
  • Spelling Bee #3 - 25 points for collecting letters from entire callsigns (not including /wm) which together spell "SHOPPINGCART" (one time bonus)
  • Spelling Bee Wildcard Stations - Work any of these stations to replace missing letters that you need in the Spelling Bee: KX9X, KC1MEB, AD0HJ.
  • Spelling Bee Example: W A L M A KX9X T would be a complete spelling of the word WALMART

Total Points

(Total QSO Points + Bonus points + Apocalyptic QSO points) x Total Multipliers


Event QSL Cards will be available upon receipt of a SASE and QSO details. Three cards per operator, and only while supplies last.

Remember, however, the real reward is the fun and notoriety you'll receive from putting Walmart Parking Lots on the Air!

Award Levels

Top Awards

  • Early 'Bird' Award - The first confirmed QSO between two operators in the activation window wins a special award mailed to BOTH operators. If one or more operators claim the same time of contact/s on an upload, the tie will be broken by timestamp on when the pair confirms QSO in LOTW. (A pair confirming the QSO quickly is almost as important as making the QSO once the time window opens.)
  • "MacGyver Works at Walmart" Award - Achieve one QSO with an antenna built with parts purchased from the Walmart whose parking lot you are operating from. Antenna must be assembled in the parking lot, and receipt picture with items and store number posted with hashtag #WMPLOTA. You are allowed to bring a Swiss Army Knife, Multi-Tool or any tool that you routinely carry on your person, and also a pack of chewing gum, and an existing coaxial cable with connectors for connecting the MacGyver antenna to your radio. Everything else must be purchased. No modification of any items that is already considered an antenna is allow, such as CB or HDTV antennas.
  • Sam Walton Award for the most stores activated

Associate/Shopper of the Month Awards

  • Express Lane - 1 QSO
  • Checkout - 2-4 QSO
  • Greeter - 5 QSO
  • Store Manager - 10+ QSO
  • Overnight Stocker - Late night QSO from the nighttime hours (North America) of 00:00 UTC through 10:00 UTC. For you night owls, but pajamas are optional!
  • District Manager - activate as an associate more than 1 Walmart in your vicinity
  • Regional Manager - work (shop) at least one station in 4 major alpha grid squares (example: at least one station each from EM EN DM DN)
  • Shipping and Receiving - Activate a Walmart parking lot in at least two different states.

Extra Credit Awards

  • People of Walmart - self-photo of operation from parking lot uploaded to Twitter with #WMPLOTA hashtag
  • Ol' Roy (activator with most twitter posts of their dog from activated parking lots)
  • Ol' Roy with Roy (activator named Roy with most twitter posts of their dog from activated parking lots)
  • Special Kitty - Same as 'Ol Roy, but with your cat
  • Straight Talk - Broadcast the pass on your cell phone via Periscope on Twitter, YouTube Live, or Facebook Live, and post a link using the hashtag #WMPLOTA
  • Mobility - QSO from a motorized shopping cart or a regular shopping cart being pushed by an assistant
  • Buy One Get One Free (ADØ)^2 - work Ron (ADØDX) and Mitch (ADØHJ) on the same satellite pass
  • Buy One Get One Free Tabor^2 - work Chris Tabor (K7TAB) and Douglas Tabor (N6UA) on the same pass
  • Buy One Get Two Free Tabor^3 - work Chris Tabor (K7TAB) and Douglas Tabor (N6UA) and brother Ron (WA7TZM) on the same pass
  • Team Member - QSO with another Associate located in the same Walmart parking lot
  • Great Value - QSO while eating chicken obtained from the deli
  • Mainstays - QSO from a tent available in the camping section
  • Sam's Choice - QSO with an op named Sam
  • Faded Glory - Twitter photo of the operation with the USA flag in the background
  • Maple Syrup - Twitter photo of the operation with the Canada flag in the background
  • Prickly Pear - Twitter photo of the operation with the Mexico flag in the background
  • Happy Camper - Stay overnight in the Walmart parking lot during the WMPLOTA event. Make satellite QSOs all night long, and don't forget to post photos of your "campsite"!
  • Safety Officer - Twitter photo of operating with a high-vis vest and a tinfoil hat, keeping both body and mind safe from any danger
  • GridMaster Premium - QSO from any of the GridMaster Premium grid squares (CN89, CN99, DN09, DN19, DN29, DN59, DN69, EN09, EN19)

Note: All Twitter award claims must be on public tweets and include the #WMPLOTA hashtag

Award Submission

For Leaderboard updates while the WMPLOTA Event is active, Associates and Shoppers should send a messages to to update their point totals attaching the WMPLOTA Scorecard, which can be dowloaded here:



After the WMPLOTA Event is completed, a WMPLOTA Scorecard and logs files (preferably in ADIF format) must be submitted by sending files to for final certification of contest winners. Please provide information on which QSOs were made from which Walmart Store Number locations. File sharing links are appreciated (e.g. Dropbox). ADIF files can be created by the free ARRL Trusted QSL (TQSL) program and other popular logging programs.