WMPLOTA Activations Announced

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Annouce your July 2018 WMPLOTA Activation Plans Here!

R.J. Bragg, WY7AA[edit]

I will be going for the Happy Camper and Safety Officer double from DN71, most likely from Laramie, WY Store 1412. Trying to decide if I want to take the truck camper or rough it with the teardrop trailer. FM birds only for me, and I plan to work everything I can overnight and some of the morning.

Neil Rapp, WB9VPG[edit]

Planned mid day passes on AO-91 and AO-92 at Lexington, KY Walmart #2060 - EM77/78 gridline

Michael K2MTS[edit]

I will ideally be WAVING METAL STICKS from WAL*MART 2370 in FN32 from 1500z to 1730z on 7/2, catching all FM sats along the way. Hopefully I can work out my desense issues for SO-50.

Ron AD0DX[edit]

I will be starting from Walmart #3227 in Monument, CO, DM79 on Sunday evening. Look for me on SO-50 at 0010z, 6:10pm local time CO. May even try FO-29 at 0100z.

Ruth KM4LAO[edit]

FM26 is planned for a number of passes during WMPLOTA.

Adam K0FFY[edit]

I'm planning on eating Little Debbie snack cakes while wearing my tinfoil hat from Walmarts parking lots in EN31 and EN32, mostly during the day on Monday July 2.

Andrew KE8FZT[edit]

Calling all WMPLOTA shoppers, big discounts on Michigan grids by KE8FZT, at the WMPLOTA encore event! You heard it on Ham Talk Live, July 2nd, World UFO Day and the Birthday of Walmart. EN74,EN84,EN75,EN85 are going quick, get them while they last! Now featuring the linear birds in a brand new VUCC circle!!! This is only a 24 hour sale, be there or be grid squared, July 2nd UTC! Tentative Schedule:


1. EN74 WM1432 Cadillac

Objects      AOS (U) LOS Period 
XW-2D        00:01 00:09   
XW-2F        00:05 00:13   
SO-50        00:12 00:25   

2. EN74 WM2014 Houghton Lake

SO-50        01:54 02:03   (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-92        02:03 02:13   
AO-73        02:32 02:38   (*Low Pass Attempt)
Falconsat-3  02:43 02:53   
FO-29        02:45 02:55   (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-85        02:59 03:06   (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-92        03:37 03:46   

3. EN74 WM5159 West Branch

XW-2B        11:57 12:07   
AO-07        12:06 12:22   

4. EN84 WM5376 Tawas

XW-2B        13:33 13:39   (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-07        14:01 14:04   (*Low Pass Attempt)
XW-2A        14:13 14:22   
AO-73        14:15 14:26   
SO-50        14:27 14:38   
AO-92        15:05 15:14   

5. EN85 WM2358 Alpena

AO-92        16:39 16:47   
AO-91        17:16 17:30   

6. EN75 WM1542 Gaylord

AO-91        18:52 19:06   
AO-07        19:19 19:39   

7. EN75 WM2417 Petoskey

XW-2C        21:49 21:58   
XW-2D        22:12 22:22   
XW-2F        22:15 22:25   
AO-85        22:15 22:28   

8. EN75 WM2100 Cheboygan

XW-2C        23:22 23:32   
AO-73        23:35 23:45   
XW-2D        23:47 23:56   
XW-2F        23:50 23:59   
AO-85        23:57 00:08   

The After Party: Tuesday (A non-WMPLOTA event) EN75 holiday style

Randy WI7P[edit]

I will be visiting Walmart and Sams clubs in DN31, DN41, DN30, DN31 on both FM and transponder sats. Hope to be on DN31/DN41 gridline at the Riverdale Utah Walmart #1708 and Sams club #6684 for a FO-29 pass. I will be just using 1/4 waves on my car roof. See http://www.emeshack.com/ for photos of setup.

After the 4th Pass I gave up. I forgot that my 1/4 waves do not like urban noise. The Walmarts I visited all had high voltage power lines next to them!